Norwegian photographer with a passion for Norwegian landscapes. My profession is working with film, communication, web and photos. I have a background as a college teacher in journalism, photography and film. Have also worked as a journalist in Norwegian national media and produced many documentaries and information films over the past 20 years.

Nature photography is my great passion. I travel a lot and provides online guidance. I have been photographing since I was 12 and I´v been on the whole journey from 35 mm film, darkroom to the digital revolution. The love of nature is my driving force. The stories about the beautiful, the spectacular and the powerful are what I want to convey.

Collaboration partners 

I work with two quality suppliers who provide me with equipment that is absolutely necessary on my trips and in my work.

Kase is a well-known global filter brand, established in the German and European market since 2011, providing quality filter shooting experience to many professional landscape photographers and photo enthusiasts worldwide.

Here you will find the presentation of me and my photographer colleagues that are partners for Kase.

Vallerret design premium gloves customized to fit the needs of adventurous photographers in their battle against cold hands.

Vallerret offer a full line of photography gloves sold and enjoyed world-wide by all types of photographers; from amateur landscape photographers to professional snowboard photographers.